An Interview with Kelcie Mahr



Kelcie is a wonderful, intelligent and heart-warmingly friendly 24 year-old RYT-300 Yoga Instructor, who lives in Middletown, Delaware (U.S.A).

She owns her own social-network based business called ‘Core Love Yoga’. The range of customers which she caters for are highly extensive in age-range and ability, as she provides a rich variety of yoga forms.

These include; -child yoga, -family yoga, -chair yoga for seniors or individuals with injuries, -Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, -Hatha yoga, -prenatal yoga, -beginners yoga, -Restorative yoga and -Iyengar yoga.

As she uses a variety of social networking sites to utilize to promote her business and hold sponsored social awareness initiatives, and also winning the attention of generous sponsors in doing so, she works both from home, and also at a local library/community centre where she holds many of her group classes.

As I have been a participant in a few of her on-line social initiatives and competitions over the last year, I have had the good fortune of starting a long-distance friendship with Kelcie.

I also won the privilege of having three free-of-charge Skype appointments (as she charges for them as part of her instructor business) just over a week ago, so I also took the opportunity to have a conversational interview with her, before she gave me a personal yoga class, which provided a wonderful insight.

Question A) –Tell me about yourself; what do you do? What are you most passionate about your vocation? How long have you been practising and teaching yoga?

I am a full time yoga instructor, home based in Delaware as well as on-line. I teach at several locations including different libraries on the Eastern Shore, as well as holding group classes throughout the Middletown and Seaford area.

I have always had a love of fitness. In fact, I had my first Barbie workout VHS tape at the age of 4, and my sister piqued my interest in yoga some years later, and my love for it grew from there.

I decided to pursue my career in yoga and became a Certified RYT-300 at the age of 21.’’

Question B) –What was the initial motivation and incentive to create your ‘Yoga Flow D.V.D?

‘’Some of the ladies in my Seaford evening class had suggested I make a DVD so they could practice along with me through the week when I am not teaching in the Seaford area.

I figured it would also be a great way to reach people that are new to yoga and not yet comfortable with the gym or a class setting. With my DVD, they can still learn and receive the benefits of yoga from their own home.

So far, about 400 have been sold, which has been a wonderful surprise! They haven’t been sold abroad yet; however copies have been bought in several states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Texas, and Washington. Each time I drive to the post office to send off another copy is always exciting!’’

Question C) – How easy and beneficial is it to get a multitude of on-line sponsors to collaborate and support your social awareness initiatives?

The best way to reach sponsors would be through Instagram. Since I began sharing pictures of my practice and showing my personality through my boho/hippie style of clothing and accessories, it has gotten more interest than I could have ever hoped for.

My following has now reached 18.1 K and hopefully will continue to grow each day as I have just began working with an amazing acro partner and we will be sharing our love of acro with our followers.

Many sponsors are also highly interested in supporting my campaigns to raise awareness for physical and/or neurological problems such as Autism, along with animal rights & drug addiction. Such issues hit close to home with me because I have watched such an epidemic from the rise of heroin addiction in my area.’’

Question D) –How long have you been practising the Vegan lifestyle?  Would you say that it coincides with Yoga?

‘’I’ve been Vegan for four years.
Through our practice of yoga and Veganism, it benefits your mind, body, soul in many ways. We come to terms that we were meant to live in harmony with all of life, to show compassion, mercy and love.

There are no nutrients that we need that we can’t receive directly from a plant. Our physical bodies are able to function much better without having to instil fear into others to kill.

When we show compassion, mercy and love our old bodies can be transformed to become light and whole. Our bodies are full of toxins. Practising yoga and eating a plant based diet will quickly help to eliminate these toxins whether it is doing a few moves such as folds, inversions, various twists or detoxing with your food intake, it will clean out toxins, lower stress hormones, increase circulation and send more oxygen to your cells.

Therefore, creating a happier, healthier you. Respect the health of your body, the earth and all living things.’’

Question E) – Who has been the most supportive in your career, so far?

“I would have to say by far my family has been the most encouraging and supportive motivators in my yoga career. I wouldn’t be the person I am today or where I am at in my journey without them.”

Question F) – Are you intending to pursue your yoga instructor career throughout your life?

’Yes, yoga is something that I am extremely passionate about. It is such a gratifying feeling to watch my students/clients gain flexibility and strength, build confidence, tune in to their inner selves and improve their overall health.

It is my dream to open my own yoga studio someday. I would love nothing more than to grow and evolve throughout the journeys of my own personal life with my practice as I one day hope to get married and have a family. I could then share my passion through prenatal as well as ‘Mommy and me’ classes.”

Kelcie Mahr is surely one of the most profound Yoga Instructors who has the talent to inspire us all to live healthier and happier lives. Check out her website, here.