Why is ‘Gravity Falls’ a must-see?

Good tidings, my fellow readers and writers!

This is my second attempt of blog-writing a cultural review, on something I have recently discovered and greatly enjoyed.

‘Gravity Falls’ is an American two-season cartoon series (‘Season’, if you’re in the states) about a pair of 12-year-old twins, Dipper & Mabel, who are sent to their Grunkle (Great-Uncle)’s home/tourist trap in Oregon, USA, which is also in ‘Roadkill Country’. At first, some may deem it’s just a silly and superficial children’s cartoon series being aired on the ‘Disney XD’ channel- but they would be greatly mistaken.

Alex Hirsch, the programme’s creator, has ingeniously formulated the scripting and plot in a very interesting way, as to attract the attention of a broader adult audience, as well. I won’t give the plot away at all; but the twin’s lives and frequent outlandish and crazy adventures evolve into a constantly ever-unfolding complex plot, that leads from a childish Summer holiday (”Vacation”) to an increasingly dangerous and sinister narrative, with plenty of subtly-placed refined humour for adults to appreciate. For example, there are pro-feminist jokes, and humour that reflects truths about our own global human society. There are also plenty of hilariously witty and weird jokes being said by the characters for all to laugh at as well. Hirsch also voices a handful of the programme’s characters

Since the first episode, 15.06.2012, the show has attracted a large body of fans– both young and… Slightly older generations. Being Disney’s first ever animated 22-minute serialised comedy, which is another bonus which has achieved many devout viewers.

At first, the characters seem very loveable and predictable in the first season, the narrative is kept fresh through an ever unpredictable course of plot twists and side-bending character development, which is sure to keep the audience guessing. The characters and some of their humorous circumstances have  also been inspired by real-life sentiments of the producers, and many of the voice-actors are already renowned by other works, such as Linda Cardellini & Jennifer Coolidge.

Give it a go- if you have ever been interested in cartoons in your life and looking for a reliable source of quick-fix, high-quality animated and scripted adventure that keeps you guessing and wanting more, then try it out! Unfortunately, Hirsch has made the decision that there will only be 2 seasons, as when interviewed, he claimed that he just wanted to make a story about a young pair of twins magical summer experience.  Here’s a link you may choose to use. The programme will only last 2 series, as Hirsch stated; ”…This is 100% my choice, and it[’]s something I decided on a very long time ago. I always designed Gravity Falls to be a finite series about one epic summer- a series with a beginning, middle, and end. There are so many shows that go on endlessly until they lose their original spark, or mysteries that are cancelled before they ever get a chance to payoff.”.

Here’s some more interesting facts from YouTube on the show- but only once you’ve caught up with the series, as there are spoilers contained. Enjoy the fun-filled madness!

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