To my Intrepid Friend; a shared insight in Carlisle

A Character Profile:

Dear fellow readers and writers!

This post is my first interview attempt, so I interviewed one of my dearest friends, who I’ve met in my second-to-last term of University. To avoid uncomfortable publicity, she doesn’t want to be named, so here I will just refer to her as ‘Z’.

We’re both on the same course at the University of Cumbria, which is ‘Wildlife Media’. Interestingly, as I am still but 20 years old and in my final year, she is a year older, and in her second term of first year! We’re also both from London, as well. She is a very ‘down to Earth’ character, who’s admirably perceptive, wise, insightful and knowledgeable. The type of lady you get to know if you want real conversations about the ‘deeper’ things about life, which are usually ignored in the average small-talk conversations that are far too common in everyday life! We have shared lengthy discussions about differing perspectives of spirituality (as we’re mutually inclined to delve into deep intellectual and intuitive subject matter about the divine/our places within existence, and so on).

Other than being keenly philosophical, Z also takes pleasure from practicing her skills at cooking,  art (with pencil and paint brush), outdoor photography and filmmaking, and solitary adventure walks. However, she has allowed me to accompany her on some ventures- and also with some other good friends. Interestingly, we share the more uncommon interest of exploring the world at night, under the stars, so to speak. Another interest, and I also value this as a very valid life-skill; is being a ‘Dreamer’.

When I asked her why she was interested in coming to Carlisle, her response was similar to my own and many other students on the course (when asked); which was the expansive and abundance of green space (as in the large parks, and rivers which are bountiful with nature which flow through the small city) and how accessible and convenient it is to find a nature hot-spot, either within or outside of the city.

Z has told me of the more interesting and unusual wildlife she has seen here, where in London she didn’t have as much of a chance of finding; Bullfinches, Kingfishers, deer, hedgehogs and even bats, (for her first time seeing them in England)!

Since her arrival to Carlisle, Z has already contributed something back to the city (other than her wonderful presence!), including; volunteering at the famous ‘Tullie House’ with a natural history exhibition preparation, partaking in the University’s Student Union’s ‘Greener Minds’ endeavor/group of ‘Grow your Own’ society, which is an initiative to encourage students to make use of the University’s allotment area to grow our own edible plants. It’s where we met, at the first meeting, interestingly!

My friend Z also appreciates Carlisle’s gift of allowing her to integrate into a smaller, more ”Closely knit” community, and bringing her within closer reach to the world of Mother Nature.

Thankfully to Carlisle’s reputation and prestige, Z rates it as a good place to be, if you’re also a Nature/Wildlife enthusiast, like us two! We can both mutually agree that any outing can turn into a wonderful quest through the very well-kept parks and riverside walks, transporting the adventurer into a place of natural wonder.

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