A quick review on my top 5 Bloggers for this week.

Here are 5 other authors I have found through the Word Press site, and admired and briefly summed up in short paragraphs my views on their work.

I recommend that you also look them up!

  • Polly Kingdom– This writer writes in the succinct, factual, level-headed creative flow that I can feel attuned/in synchronization with, which reflects my own writing style and viewpoints.  With correct use of punctuation, grammar and colloquial language, this writer has the conviction to pose a strong argument, while adding in her own views with the text to make the document more entertaining, and to let the reader know where she stands with the argument.
  • Exposing the Big Game– This site uses WordPress predominantly to spread awareness and crowd-action with the use of petitions, focusing on issues such as anti-trophy hunting campaigns and reducing the harm caused to marine wildlife by fishnets, and so on. The language is clearly based on a voice of deep concern, but is conveyed formally with a cool-head.
  • Jason Tyler– This is a site that specialises in the discussion of Astronomy. In one of Jason’s articles, he writes about how an asteroid will be coming by quite close to planet Earth. Using a laid-back and casual but slang-free dialect with good grammar and punctuation, the writer explains succinctly how large and fast traveling ‘The NEO 2015 TB145’ will be passing close to Earth on October the 31st.

This blog focuses on poetry- mostly on female poets. It has been very carefully built and laid out. There are organised pictures at the top. A selection of poems running down the left hand side of the page, with lists of other poets with attached hyperlinks in the text which says them. This is a good example of a site in which to be inspired on how to use the available tools available to improve my blog.

  • Broken Light Collective– This photography blog displays various artists and their works, with rich and detailed back-stories about the subjects and reasons behind the work. For example, the site has multiple ‘Contributors’ from people (who they only use the first alias to say who did the work) who took the photographs, and a brief article about that person’s story and reasons for collaborating with the site. The publisher’s aim is to express people’s emotional problems and health issues with photography.

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