The link between Zombies and our Health

How can we associate Zombies to an improvement to our physical fitness and well being?

It can be quite safe more me to say that it would be very counter-intuitive to hold the contemporary image of a zombie to be the iconic model of the modern standard of a healthy body and mind! However, as odd as it may seem, I have recently discovered that a mindless hoard of the Undead can improve our physical, and perhaps even mental health.

So how can this be? I have recently bought a relatively cheap app. for my Windows smart phone called ”Zombies, Run!” which is an interactive audio story fitness tool, which offers an alternative perspective to the every-day activity of going for a run; which is a past-time which many of us in our society use to improve cardiovascular health, bodily fitness, reduce stress and promote the sense of happiness of having just completed a good workout- through the surge of dopamine running through your blood- a next-best thing to getting a high from another alternative source.

The app. cost me £1.49 after I tried out the free trial (the exhilarating first ‘mission’) and I hold no regrets over the matter. So this blog post will be about me expressing my views & opinions, as balanced as possible, albeit a bit positively biased in promoting you and other readers to give it a go. This app. is worth exploring if you’re already in to running, or are beginning to get into it; but lack the motivation or incentive for exciting adventure in an otherwise mundane & uninteresting plod down the pavement.

This app has been running on the market for around two years; and since then it has become a little cheaper, more updated and has had many bugs fixed to improve the user’s experience. There is fully narrated story line and diverse range of voice-over cast (male, female, multiple nationalities), who supply the consistently moving story version of the app. going. You can register an account on your PC, to ‘Sync’ your mission information- including what items you’ve picked up on each run (which happens automatically) to bring back to base as supplies, your running time and distance for each mission (which is recorded by a timer on the phone & G.P.S.).

So- the link between a very unhealthy visage of a groaning zombie and our improvement of mind and body. This app. encourages you to face the next run as a life-threatening mission, where if you don’t run as fast for as long as you can away from flesh-hungry ‘Zombies’, you get the feeling that your messy demise is imminent. So what is there to do, other than run for your life in order to survive? In your mind, this may be the case. However, for your body, the benefits are almost instantaneous. Your stamina is encouraged to adapt and improve, so does your general physical health with cardiovascular fitness (which means your heart becomes stronger, reducing your chances of developing potentially serious diseases caused by poor heart & circulation health, such as coronary heart disease).

However mentally traumatic this can be at first, this may hold benefits to your psyche as well. On the first mission, I was running- blood full of adrenaline and an ounce of fear- but as I exposed myself to that kind of fright, which doesn’t occur in normal everyday life, my mind also had the opportunity to adapt and strengthen to such a scenario (or similar where running at that pace may improve one’s chances of survival) so afterwards, my psyche may better know how to handle future stressful situations. The stimulation of the imagination can’t do any wrong, either! It encourages you to think creatively of all the landmarks and mission destinations on the map (in your mind) of your otherwise familiar territory, and thus enhances your creative aptitude while thinking logically of where to go and which route is the best way to get there.

Once the app. has been tried/bought; you play the part of the ‘Silent Protagonist’ spurred on by the many voices of all who are depending on you to get each mission successfully completed, giving you full reason and conviction to make it through each task alive. You have your own story developing, as well as being immersed in everyone else’s at your base camp. Some of the characters like you, others are more distrustful. Oh and the encroaching inhuman moans and rasps of the pursuing zombies is highly realistic, which then only makes you want to run harder, faster, and for longer. You can also select a playlist of your own music to listen to between each ‘Transmission’, to keep you motivated to push on.

This evening, I am about to attempt the fifth (out of 27 for the first ‘Season of the first app- there are two more sequels to get if the first wasn’t enough!) missions from the first game. There are so far two fully developed games. After this evening’s shower and recovery meal, I will intend to finish this review with fresh new experience of using this app; this first bit was written before my physical and mental fatigue could kick in, to hopefully provide a far clearer image of this app. to the world. Even though going for a night-time run can help reduce mental fatigue.

The time now is 22:15, and I will be facing the night and all its zombie inhabitants now- the night time is my preferred time of day to run for a few reasons; -There is less traffic to worry about, -my mind is far more alert in the cooler air, -And being on-mission when the monstrous zombies are on your heels makes things far more atmospheric! Once I’ve recovered, I’ll write about the experience so that the experience is fresh in my mind, to give you more of a genuine account of what it’s like to use the app!

23:15- After freshening up and having a small snack, it’s safe to tell you that when is setting up to go for a run with this highly intriguing app.; that you can easily imagine and believe that you’re set out on a mission which is briefed upon you as soon as you start going, and begin to warm up. Mission 5 wasn’t an adrenaline-fuelled zombie chase, per-Se, however the character’s narration then pumped enough urgency into your mind to get going. The mission was about (no spoilers to ruin it for anyone!) running to another base camp to inform some unsuspecting survivors that a hoard of zombies are inbound. Another mission complete; without getting eaten! I returned home feeling like an accomplished hero (again) after saving 50 souls from a grisly end.


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