Another nocturnal walk of a solitaire

After a weekend of doing very little other than dwelling in my student accommodation, Sunday evening dragged on into night, and I hadn’t set foot outside the threshold all day. Feeling all cooped up & frustrated for want of fresh air, adventure & exercise, it was time to stop wanting, and eliminate such depravity.

It was not the first time I had taken a leisurely stroll at such an hour; as the darkness of night has always welcomed me with promise & opportunity of advancing the boundaries of one’s ‘Comfort Zone’. As with many other people, I share the same innate & often irrepressible  caution, even fear of the darkness. The most obvious reason for this could be that at one point during our human evolution, we were not always the apex predators of our environment, and had to be always alert when traversing our world by night, as there were always watchful eyes of other predators, whom posed as a possible threat.

There is also the reason that I possess a vivid imagination, where thoughts of fantastical things could be hiding behind any object, or within any shadow out of sight. With a more adapt mind for working with such an imagination, these thoughts can be brushed aside quite easily.

However, when walking alone at 21:20 through a lonesome and unlit park, some thoughts of darker things inhabiting shadowy places often spring to mind. Is this just that ancient cautionary instinct of being weary of the darkness preceding into our ‘modernised’ minds, lurking deep within the subconscious? Or purely figments of our imaginations getting carried away and influencing the way we still see the night time? Or could it be something else, which is all entirely open to speculation by all.

For myself, I like to feel that there is far more to the world that meets the eye. I’m open to concepts of ghosts, spirits, aliens, other dimensional entities and other such energies coercing with our world, and our lives. So it’s easy for me to entertain notions of mysterious & enigmatic things dwelling just out of sight, in the corners of our vision, not wishing to be directly discovered. Most the time. These principles can make such a leisurely stroll become an exciting, unnerving and exhilarating adventure! Thus create an opportunity to exceed the boundaries of my comfort zone to face palpable insecurities through action.

Being the highly introspective type, it was also a great opportunity to use such an experience of being enveloped by shadow to be more grounded and discover more about myself. Confronting fears & insecurities is a masterful way of doing this.

Hearing the music of the wind coursing through the bare branches, the mixed sky of rain cloud and star light, and the face numbing temperature of the air provided a surely built environment for self reflection & contemplation, when clarity of mind & soul was needed, as it always is in this life.


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