Introduction to the Rowan.

Hi there! I hope you’re happy, healthy and doing well for yourself.
Anyway; I’m Rowan, and this article is to introduce myself and my cause for writing my blog articles.
Currently a second year Wildlife Media Student at the University of Cumbria, Carlisle, it’s in my nature to have an empowering passion for the natural world, its inhabitants and what effect we as humans have on the planet and the animals we share it with.
I’m primarily concerned with the issues entailing animal exploitation; in the meat, hunting/poaching, dairy, clothing, fishing & entertainment industries. This is informed and inspired by my recent choice of becoming vegan, as such a change of lifestyle has driven me to look further into the issues caused by the degradation in which humanity has caused through using the world’s natural resources in an irresponsible manner. -Personally, I believe that environmental concern is a relevant to everyone; as we only have this one planet to live on, and once we ruin it for ourselves; that will significantly lower the quality of our lives and also those of our future generations.
There won’t be any guilt-tripping preaching going on about trying to convert people to be Vegan also, as it is my individual life choice to adhere to and stick to. However, it is a topic in which I will be discussing with any who are interested for a peaceful & insightful exchange of views.
I don’t judge everyone who eats meat & dairy evil and cruel; most of my friends and family are either meat eaters or vegetarians; they’re my loved ones. It is my sole decision to go against the ideology of mainstream consciousness and attitude, thus one must be strong enough to put up with the unending difference of opinion (although when it comes to those closest; it usually is the most challenging). I’m the only vegan in my shared house; and must put up with the smell of cooking dead animal flesh, without complaint. However, my closest friends have said that I’m too opinionated for their comfort and amiability in my company, so being balanced minded & more humble is a principle I’m working on!
I was raised vegetarian until I was about 7; when my father wanted me to start eating animal flesh. My mother wanted to raise me to the point when I could make my own concious decision whether or not I wanted to eat animals. However; it has taken me to my 19th Birthday to fully make my own informed decision of what I wanted to eat & why; as the years of being omnivorous between the age of 7-19 I never had the initiative to gain enough awareness into the topic.
My initial reasons for going vegan was because I failed to be an incorruptible vegetarian (eating dairy & eggs/wearing animal derived clothing) as it was easy to break and eat meat again; this happened thrice within a year. So instead of feeling guilty about this due to my powerful compassion for animals, I decided to go all the way to being a vegan. Vegetarianism was easily breakable for me, and also turned out to be a very obsolete principle in my mind in anyway; as dairy cows usually don’t live full and healthy lives, are slaughtered and many of their young forcefully taken away from them after birth, usually to only replenish the herd or be slaughtered; so that humans can have their dairy. Same applies to the attainment of wool from sheep; those animals in which are also exploited for their carcasses, as well. With eggs; many male chicks are regarded as non-profitable as they don’t lay eggs, and are soon dispatched; in some well known cases; by being ground up alive or drowned/suffocated/decapitation or through a broken neck; you get the idea; lots of infant and adult animals alike being killed for the pleasure of humans.
This all seems abhorrent to me; so I decided to not be part of it any more. Of course, if I was on ‘Survival Mode’, I would eat any creature to stay alive. However, I’m not, so I opt to invest in a purely plant-based diet, in which I thrive healthily & happily. This is proven through my practised exercise principles; I go running and in the process of developing a fit and strong body; which hasn’t been affected negatively by dropping animal products. Toning up is more easily done, too!
So far, it feels as if my immune system has greatly strengthened since not consuming animal proteins, and the food which I (always) make is highly satisfying & enjoyable; granted that it’s all coming off a frugal student budget! Also no increase in food allowance from that budget per week; so it’s not exactly an expensive ethical standpoint.
If you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan and so on; please do tell me what you think, it would be great to get a discussion on all this going!
Also, if you are a like-minded vegan and are looking for others out there (we are very few in number), it would be great to share opinions and our viewpoints.
My future blogs will be in discussion about the environment, being a vegan and probably also touching on a more spiritual concept of how we are in tune with more non-physical aspects in our lives, such as compassion, emotional awareness and how to live a more happier life in becoming clearer thinkers.
Yours kindly,

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