About me… Who am I?

Why it’s important to be genuine with yourself, and to others.

Hello reader(s)!
It’s a chilly Wednesday evening, and after a lot of social & physical activity over the last several days, I have decided to sit down at my desk in my tiger onesie by a warm mug of Vanilla Chai tea to write & publish a second blog on this site! I’ve recently had a failed attempt at making a video blog, so hopefully this will suffice.
If you’re in the same country, or close to mine (where it’s rather cold this time of year), then I hope you have been keeping warm & happy.

The main intentions of my blog articles is to express myself to the world, and also to provide at least an interesting insight to myself for you to read. This is my second article on ‘Blogger’, in which to further tell the global audience about who I am, what I do, what I want to do in life- and also to type up a hard-copy of a dairy entry I wrote last year; to supply some perspective to all of us of how things have changed so much for me. This is for both my benefit as it could be for you; as I haven’t had a good read-over of my dairy accounts yet; and it could encourage you to do the same, as it is a surprisingly effective tool to gain further introspection, reflection and direction to one’s personal life. Something I believe is always going to be important, anyway.

As I have already said in my first article, I’m a young Second-Year Wildlife Media student at the University of Cumbria, in Carlisle, U.K. I’m also very passionate at developing & maintaining my ethical principle of being a Vegan -however peacefully, so no need to dread a lecture from me! I did used to be quite preachy about it all, even when being a vegetarian; which has failed about five times in recent years, so I decided to take a further personal leap forward into something stricter… And I’m loving life even more for it! However if you are a Vegan also, or wish to attain that particular lifestyle, then we can get in touch about it.

My passion lies deeply with the natural world, and all its wild inhabitants. That is why I decided to move all the way from London, where I grew up to the age of 18, to Carlisle to study on this very unique & young course. The big idea is to make a reputation in creating media material, through moving image & stills, and use up my life travelling the lands & seas meeting interesting people & wildlife. One reason for this is to allow the continued global appreciation & love for the natural world, as there is a very large & apparent problem of the effects of humanity wiping it away.

I also lead quite a holistic lifestyle. Most of the food I eat I make myself (with some exceptions of the occasional treat of junk food & ready made falafel balls) but increasing my culinary skills to provide me with a far wider array of recipes in which to nourish myself and others with.

I’m also very fond of keeping fit & healthy in other ways- not just physically, but also mentally & spiritually. Yes; I’m one for believing in the trinity of mind, body & soul, also. There’s quite a list of hobbies that I possess, including : -Yoga, -reading, -writing, -listening to music, the violin (absolute beginner, still just learning how to play the notes!), -rock climbing, cooking, -meditating, -gaming, watching television series, documentaries & films, being adventurous when exploring the great outdoors, being around nature & animals & media production. Even though I enjoy being sociable, I’m also quite the solitary beast, and require a fair sum of introverted time alone to recharge my social energy.

It is a goal to write about other aspects of life that are always something I engage myself in, such as spirituality & other levels of personal & psychological (physical as well) health & other larger questions that I and many others can often find ourselves asking. All this writing also has an aim to get discussions sparked up, so go ahead and post your views! It would be most appreciated.

So that explains quite a lot about me, however the story is far from complete & accounted for. I hope you have enjoyed reading, and expect further blogs from me in the future!

Best wishes.


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